Sponsorships and Donations


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Sponsorships and Donations


BlackOwned, two friends, different backgrounds, different upbringings, united by culture and common interest, building a brand with a cause. 


While dealing with hardships and health issues from cancer, Dovetta Dangerfield (our co-founder’s mother) developed a drink for her family to enjoy in order to take their mind off of her struggles. This drink was created to garner a sense of hope and happiness in the moment. Ten years later, with an updated recipe and a desire to do more for those who were impacted by cancer, Potion No. 9 (PN9) was born. Our company sets out to provide consumers with a delicious and enjoyable drink, knowing that their purchase will help to develop our brand and vision. With that, every October we will donate proceeds to breast cancer awareness. We want to build our company with a mantra that embodies giving back.


PN9 Pink is a unique vodka infused lemonade that is visually pleasing and tastes amazing. Once you try Potion No. 9, you will see what all the hype is about.


Why Potion No. 9? This drink is a potion that remedies self-doubt and stress. PN9 embodies happiness along with an enjoyable experience. Why the number 9? Well, both founders are from area code 513 and 5+1+3 gives you 9.


Our Mission with PN9 is to provide an enjoyable adult beverage to everyone 21 and older and to give back to causes we are passionate about.


PN9 is dedicated to Kaniesha Dangerfield.


PN9 is manufactured bottled and distributed by RJ & AD Enterprise LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.