poti9n purpose

poti9n started as a conversation between RJ and AD over a fresh cut at the barbershop. An innocent conversation about potential business investments and existing community needs soon turned into a business model. RJ and AD connected over a shared responsibility to serve as role models within these communities - to be an example of black entrepreneurs who not only built something from ground up, but who do so as a means of giving back. A couple of inspired conversations and a few cuts later the two were launching poti9n and working to effectively curb systemic poverty in their community and beyond. 

"We want poti9n to be a household name which is enjoyed across the world! Equally, we want our consumers to understand our mission and the "why" behind building a company/brand in this manner. We hope to leverage the success of this brand to help anyone who might be in need of support that we can provide" - RJ & AD

poti9n community partners

  • Too Big to Fail

  • Keng Enterprises (Flex)

  • Bethany House

  • BlackOwned

  • Peaslee Neighborhood Center

  • Gabriel's Place

  • CareerMinded

  • Learning Grove

  • poti9n pink cross

  • Agar

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