Founded by two friends, different backgrounds, different upbringings, united by culture and common interest, building a brand with a cause. 




hope is about inspiring a belief that the future will be bright

Our story started when Dovetta Dangerfield developed a drink for her family to enjoy to provide a sense of connection and joy as she battled cancer.The drink was the center piece in inspiring hope, connection and support to her family. Dovetta, now cancer free, has been an inspiration to our journey. Seeing the needs of someone battling cancer drove us to focus on providing resources and support to people in our communities. 

Our hope with poti9n is to curb systemic poverty within our communities and across the world by sharing resources and education. Each sip of poti9n not only satisfies your taste buds, but it also supports a cause plaguing our communities.


poti9n hopes to be a central  place to bring joy, happiness and relaxation to a challenging day


poti9n hopes to be the life of the party at your special event


poti9n hopes you'll join us in our mission and support our causes  



poti9n spiked pink lemonade is a unique vodka infused lemonade that is visually pleasing and tastes amazing. Once you try poti9n, you will see what all the hype is about.


Why poti9n? poti9n embodies happiness along with an enjoyable experience and is your tastebuds awaited destination. Why the number 9? Well, both founders are from area code 513 and this is the area both founders want to bring together as one in the fight to curb systemic poverty within that area code and beyond. So, positively  bringing together 5 1 and 3 gives us 9.

poti9n is dedicated to Kaniesha Dangerfield.


poti9n is manufactured and bottled by RJ & AD Enterprise, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.