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Our story started when Dovetta Dangerfield developed a drink for her family to enjoy to provide a sense of connection and joy as she battled cancer. The drink was the center piece in inspiring hope, connection and support to her family. Dovetta, now cancer free, has been an inspiration to our journey. Seeing the needs of someone battling cancer drove us to focus on providing resources and support to people in our communities.

poti9n is dedicated to Kaniesha Dangerfield.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

poti9n started as a conversation between RJ and AD over a fresh cut at the barbershop. An innocent conversation about potential business investments and existing community needs soon turned into a business model. RJ and AD connected over a shared responsibility to serve as role models within these communities - to be an example of black entrepreneurs who not only built something from ground up, but who do so as a means of giving back. A couple of inspired conversations and a few cuts later the two were launching poti9n and working to effectively curb systemic poverty in their community and beyond!

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"We want poti9n to be a household name which is enjoyed across the world! Equally, we want our consumers to understand our mission and the "why" behind building a company/brand in this manner. We hope to leverage the success of this brand to help anyone who might be in need of support that we can provide"

- RJ & AD

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René J. Cheatham III (RJ)

Co-Founder & Chief Spirits Officer

RJ's philanthropic attitude has been a vital part of his personal and professional endeavors, a nod to his upbringing. His transformative career in the finance industry as a non-profit and community advocate has led him to holding seats on boards and committees focusing on the education and development of his community. These values have become the backbone of his co-owned spirit company, poti9n. Each product's unique branding aligns with social causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Suicide Prevention, HIV & AIDS Awareness and curbing systemic poverty. RJ's and AD's vision for poti9n is household recognition as an inclusive brand supporting economic and cultural movements in underserved communities.

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Arthur Dion Thrasher (AD)

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

AD's professional background has often been on the open road - as an experienced truck driver and master barber , traveling across the country. His adventures have created the opportunity for constant networking and collaboration with multidisciplinary entrepreneurs. Along this journey, AD and RJ have cultivated a business relationship and innovative brand focused on uplifting their community and others in need. poti9n's unique flavor profile is a product of AD's tasteful creative direction and knowledge of spirits. He continues to work alongside RJ to amplify poti9n's reach and the goals of their community partners.


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