Four nostalgic flavors created in Cincinnati, OH to bring positivity to a community looking for hope.

5 1 3, the area code of the founding city. When these numbers positively come together they make 9. The 9 in poti9n symbolizes our connection to giving back to the community in the fight against systemic poverty, we want to generate awareness and give our drink more meaning. 

Have a drink, live with hope and let's make an impact together!


The tangy flavor of gin, the light relish of rum and the briny finish of vodka combined with the refreshing relish of pink lemonade. 

poti9n spiked pink lemonade's social cause is Breast Cancer Awareness


The leading and light relish of rum with the briny finish of vodka and tangy flavor of gin combined with the refreshing and exotic tropical punch. 

poti9n spiked tropical punch's social cause is Suicide Prevention


The light yet fierce flavor of tequila with a sprinkle of vodka and the light relish of rum with the refreshing taste of strawberry lemonade as the perfect compliment. 

poti9n spiked strawberry lemonade's social cause is AIDS/HIV Awareness


The rich and dark flavorful relish of cognac combined with a touch of tangy vodka and the light relish of rum combined with the flavorful black cherry lemonade. 

poti9n spiked black cherry lemonade's social cause is Racial Equality